Dr Jennifer Juno awarded the prestigious Woodward Medal for Science and Technology

Dr Jennifer Juno, Laboratory Head, Department of Microbiology and Immunology located at the Peter Doherty Institute, awarded the Woodward Medal for her research on T cells in protective immune responses to vaccination.

Dr Juno’s research seeks to understand the mechanisms by which T cell help drive long lasting protective immune responses to vaccination. Her research focused on the role of CD4 T follicular helper cells and their ability to promote high quality antibody responses against globally important viral pathogens such as influenza, SARS-CoV-2, and HIV. Her timely collection and novel analysis of large-scale blood samples provided rapid insight into vaccine efficacy during a critical period of the COVID-12 pandemic.

It’s an honour that the University has recognised my work in viral immunology” said Dr Juno on the medal, “it reflects the hard work and collaboration among everyone in my team.

Dr Juno’s body of work has significantly extended the understanding of protective immunity to novel pathogens and informed rational vaccine design, generating intense scientific and media interest.

Since 2010, Dr Juno has published 27 first or senior author papers, many in top-tier journals, including Nature Immunology, Immunity, Nature Communications, and Cell Reports.

One of Dr Juno’s main research goals is to understand the immune responses that protect from viral infection, and to use that information to improve vaccines. This is particularly important for pathogens that currently lack effective vaccines, for pandemic preparedness efforts, and for protecting groups who respond sub-optimally to existing vaccines.

The Woodward Medal is an annual award established by former University Chancellor, Sir Edward Woodward and Lady Woodward. The two awards – the Woodward Medal in Science and Technology and the Woodward Medal in Humanities and Social Sciences – are awarded for research published in the preceding five years considered to have made the most significant contribution to knowledge in each field.

Many talented and dedicated researchers from the School of Social Biomedical Sciences have been awarded this prestigious medal over the years including:

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