Celebrating 25 Years of Service: Prof Gordon Lynch

A recognition of incredible and impactful contributions, both within the School and beyond!

Professor Gordon Lynch, Department of Anatomy and Physiology, has achieved many deserved accolades and esteemed positions during his 25 year career at the University of Melbourne. From being awarded the prestigious Woodward Medal in Science (2015) and the Research Australia Health and Medical Research Advocacy Award (2019), to presenting more than 1040 shows on ABC Radio’s Overnights program, Prof Lynch’s impact reaches well beyond the School.

The Department of Anatomy and Physiology recently celebrated this important milestone at University House.

Prof. Lynch has provided exceptional service and leadership in all aspects of University life, including undergraduate teaching and learning, development of higher degree researchers and postdoctoral fellows, seminal discoveries in understanding muscle function, and extraordinary community engagement. He’s been a wonderful mentor and scholar, and a role model for all teaching and research academics.

- Professor Matthew Watt, Head of Department, Anatomy & Physiology

Currently working as the Director for the Centre for Muscle Research, Prof Lynch’s vision is to promote the understanding and translational impact of Muscle Biology across the University and influence the global muscle science community.

His research focuses on identifying ways to optimise muscle growth and development, enhance muscle repair and adaption, protect muscles from inherited and acquired conditions and prevent frailty in older age.

“We study the biology of human performance and fatigue, the creation of alternative foods from harvested muscle stem cells, how to treat muscle diseases and wasting conditions such as ageing and cancer, and how to optimise repair of damaged muscles after severe trauma to restore function and enhance quality of life,” he said.

We thank Prof Lynch for his commitment to his research and the community and congratulate him on reaching this milestone.