Orders and Enquiries


Customers may place their orders, (or changes to standing orders) or any enquires / queries either by telephone, or e-mail. See the contact page for details.

Staff are available Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 4.30pm.We are very pleased to communicate directly with our customers and always will have time for you. So if you have any problems, queries about your order, questions about your media, different media options etc. please feel free to call us.

New Customers - how to place an order

  • The preferred first contact is by phone. Please discuss your requirements with us.
  • A catalogue of the more common media products produced by the Media Preparation Unit is available.
  • Media not found in the catalogue can also be made to your specifications and order.
  • We will need to know your full delivery address, contact person and telephone number, also the address to send the invoice (if different to delivery address).
  • Stock items can be delivered overnight.
  • Non-stock items and special orders require a minimum of one weeks notice.
  • All orders must be accompanied by an official order number.
  • Subsequent written orders should be marked as confirmation.
  • Where possible use the catalogue number to identify the media item ordered.

Regular Customers - how to place an order

  • Choose a method of communication that suits you.
  • On written orders, it would be most helpful if you would include the catalogue number/STM number.
  • Customers with standing orders need to ring /fax /e-mail adjustments at least 2-3 days before delivery.

Standing Orders

  • These are for customers who require a regular delivery of media usually with the same media range.
  • This type of order has a number of advantages for both the customer and the producer.
  • We take into account your requirements automatically and so stock will be fresher and available.
  • For the customer, the advantage is that your order arrives automatically each order period. You only need to make minor adjustments to the order as your usage increases and decreases.
  • It is preferable that standing orders have one purchase order number for the whole year.

University Departments - how to place an order

  • To purchase media the following is required: an account string (Themis account number); the name, phone and email of the account holder and the requestor's name.
  • Arrangements must be made for pick up or delivery of your order.