Teaching and Training

Supporting capacity building and training across the Asia-Pacific

The Centre for Pathogen Genomics has established a robust framework to support capacity building and training across the Asia-Pacific region, including dedicated training facilities and frameworks, technical experts to support training delivery, and access to a multidisciplinary team to support a breadth of learning outcomes.

Fleming Fund Fellowship Program

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The Fleming Fund Fellowships offer a program of on-the-job training, mentoring and professional development to improve the capability and capacity of in-country institutions and staff to respond to the threat of antimicrobial resistance across human and animal health.

Fleming Fund Bioinformatics FellowshipsBhutan and Pakistan flags

The Centre has supported Fellows in the field of Bioinformatics from Bhutan and Pakistan.

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Melbourne MicroCerts


A University of Melbourne accredited micro-certificate series designed for infectious diseases professionals seeking practical skills in pathogen genomics and bioinformatics.

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Bioinformatics Community

This initiative is led by Associate Professor Torsten Seemann and aims to improve bioinformatics capabilities among pathogen genomics researchers and establish a community of practice for pathogen genomics.

International visiting scientist program

The Centre collaborates with a number of international organisations, and regularly hosts visiting scientists and students from across the Asia-Pacific. If you are interested in undertaking a placement at the Centre for Pathogen Genomics please contact us.

Teaching and Training activities

Timeline of CPG T&T activities 2022-2023_V2

Oct 2022 Whole genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 and bacterial pathogens Cambodia University Health Services Cambodia
Nov 2022 Public health pathogen genomics Malaysia WHO  
Nov 2022 Supported the New Variant Assessment Platform to deliver training in bioinformatic analysis of SARS-CoV-2
Singapore United Kingdom Health Security Agency  
Dec 2022Whole genome sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of SARS-CoV-2 and bacterial pathogensFijiDFAT
Jan 2023 Pathogen genomics and bioinformatics for public health and researchNepal Birat Nepal Medical Trust
Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal
The Epidemic Intelligence Project Partners
Oxford University Clinical Research Unit Nepal
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
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Feb 2023 Whole genome sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of enteric pathogens Malaysia
New Zealand
PulseNet Asia Pacific
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March 2023Whole genome sequencing of bacterial pathogensTimor-LesteDFAT
June 2023Introduction to Microbial GenomicsSamoaCOMBAT-AMR