Physiology success with NHMRC and ARC grants for 2015

For the NHMRC, the Department had a 33% (5/15) success rate. For the ARC, the success rate was 25% (1/4).

Professor Lea Delbridge led teams that scored one of each grant! Dr Jaime Foong and Dr Rene Koopman scored their first NHMRC grants as CI-A and Professors Andrew Allen and Stephen Harrap also led successful teams to NHMRC success. Our sincere congratulations to each of you and your other successful CIs, including Clement Menuet, Angelina Fong and Jim Bell! Very nice to see this!


CIA: Jaime Foong; CIB: Joel Bornstein; CIC: Tor Savidge  (Baylor College of Medicine).
Role of microbiota in the developing Enteric Nervous System. $661,979 over 3 years (2016-2018)

CIA: Andrew Allen; CIB: Clement Menuet; CIC: Angelina Fong; CID: Simon McMullan (Macquarie University).
Understanding factors involved in the development of hypertension. $757,491.50 over 3 years (2016-2018)

CIA: Stephen Harrap; CIB: Fadi Charchar (Federation University); CIC: Sean Byars (Biosciences UoM); CID: Nilesh Samani (University of Leicester).
New strategies for preventing hypertension. $670,458.50 over 3 years (2016-2018)

CIA: Lea Delbridge; CIB: Stephen Harrap; CIC:  Jonathan Kalman (Medicine RMH UoM); CID:  James Bell.
Local cardiac sex steroids – new therapeutic targets. $646,994 over 4 years (2016-2019)

CIA: Rene Koopman; CIB: Gordon Lynch.
Advancing glycine to the clinic for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. $248,978 over 2 years (2016-2017)


CI1: Lea Delbridge; CI2: Laura Parry (Biosciences UoM); CI3: Marianne Tare (Monash University). Understanding mechanisms of sex programming of cardiovascular development. $ 345,400 over 3 years (2016-2018)