Tomoko Hyakumura


Research Overview

The aim of Ms Hyakumura's research is regeneration of the peripheral auditory nerve using human pluripotent stem cells. She is interested in understanding how synapses develop between auditory neurons and cochlear hair cells in mammals, and characterising synapse formation between stem cell-derived sensory neuron-like cells and mammalian cochlear hair cells. The main techniques used are in vitro co-culture and four-channel immunofluorescence.


NHMRC (GNT1023372, 2012-2017)

Australian Postgraduate Award (2011-2014)

Postgraduate Supplementary Scholarship, Australian Stem Cell Centre (2011-2014)

Supervisor & Collaborators

Associate professor Bryony Nayagam

Associate professor Mirella Dottori

Available for supervision


Recearch Publications

Needham K, Hyakumura T, Gunewardene N, Dottori M, Nayagam BA. (2014) Electrophysiological properties of neurosensory progenitors derived from human embryonic stem cells. Stem Cell Research 12(1): pp.241-9.

Nayagam BA, Edge AS, Needham K, Hyakumura T, Leung J, Nayagam DA, Dottori M. (2013) An in vitro model of developmental synaptogenesis using co-cultures of human neural progenitors and cochlear explants. Stem Cells and Development 22(6): pp.901-12.