Oz Single Cells showcases single cell expertise

Oz Single Cells, the inaugural meeting of the Australian Cellular Panomics Consortium (ACPC) was held at WEHI on 9-10 November to bring together scientists across Australia interested in single cell biology, spanning computational, technical, and biological aspects.

    The meeting, which was supported by the Centre for Stem Cell Systems, showcased the latest innovations in single cell research. This year, the meeting hosted an exciting mix of national and international speakers, including Professor Christine Wells (Director) and Elizabeth Mason from the Centre for Stem Cell Systems. The meeting also coincided with the launch of the Human Cell Atlas, a global initiative aiming to map and characterise all the cells in a healthy human body.

    photo of Dr Shalin Naik
    Dr Shalin Naik

    Dr Shalin Naik, an affiliate member of the Centre and organiser of Oz Single Cells, is on the global organising committee and is helping to lead Australia’s involvement in this ambitious project.