HeLEX seminar: Health data - what's new in the law?

A new research team at Melbourne Law School’s Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX) discussed the legal challenges and opportunities of collecting and sharing health data, as part of the VCCC’s Monday Lunch Live seminar series.

Technology is transforming healthcare research and delivery. But is the law keeping up?

Dr Carolyn Johnston and HeLEX team members A/Prof Mark Taylor, Dr Jessica Bell and Dr Megan Prictor shared academic advice, best practice insights and potential implications of recent changes to data privacy laws in Australia and overseas. Key discussion topics included:

  • A framework for the secondary use of data from My Health Record
  • The start of the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme
  • The far-reaching effects of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation

As data science is a rapidly developing field, the development of responsible, proactive and agile regulatory frameworks is essential to ensure the ethical and legal collection and use of health information.

The HeLEX team collaborates with the Centre for Stem Cell Systems to research the legal implications of stem cell research and its applications, and many are members of the research theme Stem Cells and Society.

A recording of the HeLEX lecture can be accessed here.

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