Assisting Australia’s livestock industries to help support the national economy.

Australia’s livestock industries play a critical role in the national economy. The beef cattle, dairy, lamb, pork and poultry industries, account for 45% of the gross value of Australian agricultural output, generating returns >$22 billion.

Collaborating with affiliated researchers in the Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, Science, and Engineering, the Centre’s discovery biology will underpin this research theme to translate new knowledge to the efficient agricultural production of meats of high nutritional value across the livestock and aquaculture (salmonid, barramundi, kingfish, abalone, oyster and shrimp) industries, and developing nutritionally-enhanced novel foods, including synthetic nutrient dense meat products.

Working with collaborators and industry partners in livestock and aquaculture, the Centre evaluates unique technologies such as nutritive steering and inducible vector-mediated phenotype manipulation, to alter muscle size and composition to improve meat quality and obviate industry problems of competitive traits from genetic selection, creating new opportunities for domestic consumption and export. Developing functional foods that address the protein needs of older adults is an urgent and unmet need.