Stem Cells and Society


Ethical, legal and social implications of stem cell research - Professor Megan Munsie

Research focus: enhancing the understanding of legal, ethical and social implications of stem cell science and regenerative medicine.


Sociology of Health and Illness - Dr Claire Tanner

Research focus: enhancing understanding of people’s health experiences and the interventions and technologies they turn to for help, especially for those living with serious health and medical conditions.

Law, Ethics and the Emerging Technologies in Health - Professor Jane Kaye

Research focus: exploring genomics with an emphasis on biobanks, privacy, data-sharing frameworks, global governance and translational research.


Regulation of Personal Data - Professor Mark Taylor

Research focus: investigating the regulation of personal information with emphasis upon health information and genetic data.


Sexual Health - Professor Meredith Temple-Smith

Research focus: exploring sexual health, hepatitis C, and health services research.


Applied Ethics - Dr Christopher Gyngell

Research focus: exploring ethical implications of biotechnologies and the philosophy of health and disease.


Health Literacy - A/ Professor Robyn Woodward-Kron

Research focus: investigating healthcare communication, intercultural clinical communication, medical education.


Practical Ethics - Professor Julian Savulescu

Research focus: exploring ethics of various new or emerging technologies, including new methods of reproduction and enhancement of physical and cognitive performance through drugs or genetic manipulation


Applied Philosophy - Julian Koplin

Research focus: understanding the ethics and regulation of cerebral organoids.