Biomedicine Enrolment Advice Day

Biomedicine Enrolment Advice Day is an important academic orientation where you'll learn about opportunities within the Bachelor of Biomedicine.

2022 Biomedicine Enrolment Advice Days

The Biomedicine Enrolment Advice Day aims to give you the information and tools required to accept your offer, complete your enrolment and understand what academic decisions you are required to make along your journey. It will also be an opportunity to connect with the Biomedicine Students' Society. Attendance is strongly recommended.

In 2022, the Biomedicine Enrolment Advice Day will be held on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 January via Zoom.

You will meet new students just like you, key academics, current students and be given information to assist in your transition to Uni.

For students commencing in mid year - this information will be covered in your welcome sessions and  you can view the recordings from the start year sessions below.

The 2022 agenda will be available Early January - for now you can view the recordings of the 2021 sessions below.

2021 Schedule of  Activities

Day 1 - Wednesday 20 January

Welcome and Your Options Explained - 10.00am-10.45am

Hear from Program Director David Williams and Deputy Program Director Karena Waller about their Biomedical Science journeys. Academic Programs Manager Gillian Waters will then explain what decisions you need to make to be ready before your first semester begins. Hear also about the exciting opportunities you will have as a Biomed student including enrichment activities and your very own Biomedicine Student Society, which is one of the most active societies on campus.

Meet your cohort - 10.50am-11.20am

Join in with the Biomedical Student Society and the MDHS (Faculty) Student Life team to get to know other Biomedicine students that will be starting on this journey with you!

Enrolment/Timetable/Support and Advice + Q&A  11.25am-1.00pm

If you are confused about your subject selections and how to navigate the enrolment system staff and current students will be available to answer your questions.

Day 2 - Thursday 21 January

Majors Expo 10.00am - 1.15pm

Click on a major to access its session recording. 

Come along and listen to the major coordinators tell you about their majors to assist you plan your subject choices.

10.00am-10.45amBioengineering Systems
Human Nutrition
Cell & Developmental Biology
Infection and Immunity

Enrolment/Timetable/Support and Advice 2.00pm - 3.00pm (repeat session)

If you are confused about your subject selections and how to navigate the enrolment system staff and current students will be available to answer your questions.

Unable to attend Biomedicine Enrolment Advice Day?

Whilst we encourage all commencing students to attend the Biomedicine Enrolment Advice Day we understand that it isn’t always possible. As such we will have resources available online. Links will become available from this page. Please remember, this does not replace the experience of attending Biomedicine Enrolment Advice Day. However, they will provide the necessary guidance to enrol and ensure you get a good start to your degree.

The University will also be offering orientation activities as a part of the broader Melbourne Orientation program being held 22-26 February 2021. There will be many sessions to help you as you get started and we suggest you make the most of them!

Need Further Help?

Stop 1: Connecting Students and Services
Stop 1 offers a range of services including:

  • Administrative and information services including student ID cards, fees, transcripts, scholarships and graduations.
  • Enrolment services such as course planning, enrolment assistance, special consideration and student equity.
  • Biomedicine Course Plan Templates
  • Skills and development services including employability, global experience, academic development, and student development.
  • Support services including disability, housing, financial aid and the Safer Community Program.

Contact Stop 1 online, on the phone or in person.

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