Students and staff invited to vote for new subject ideas

Hurry! Voting closes soon for the School of Biomedical Sciences’ inaugural Create a Subject Challenge.

With 14 subject ideas shortlisted, voting is underway for the 2020 Create a Subject Challenge. And, in the first two days of voting more than 250 people have already had their say.

The finalists will get to pitch their ideas to a jury of academics and student representatives on 20 July, via Zoom. The winning team will have an opportunity to work – and get paid – as student co-creators with the School’s teaching specialists to further develop their dream subject.

The result? A new subject proposal will be submitted to the University’s Academic Board for consideration to become available to future students.

Among the subject pitches you can vote for are:

Global Health: Challenges of Humanity

Outbreak: Preparing for a Pandemic

Using historical and future case studies, this subject will explore the complex biomedical challenges of preventing and mitigating epidemic infectious disease. This is an opportunity for the Faculty to contribute to ongoing global discussions around epidemics and communicate the importance of biomedical sciences to understanding the interdisciplinary impacts of infectious disease epidemiology.

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Science Communication & Crowd Psychology

This subject will provide a theoretical and practical approach to biomedical science communication and crowd psychology. This will draw on basic principles of crowd psychology and explore various contemporary topical examples that are prominent in the media and public policy arena.

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Interdisciplinary tools in Biomedicine

This subject will introduce students to the history, philosophy and principles underlying the interdisciplinary approaches used in modern biomedical research. Students are encouraged to explore and look beyond traditional tools and thinking, to refine analytical and experimental methodologies, and arrive at a broader understanding of biomedical research.

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The Future of Medicine

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Other subject ideas include:

  • Cancer: Causes and Consequences
  • Principles of Synthetic Biology
  • Foundational Concepts of Public Health
  • Principles of Synthetic Biology
  • Pathways in Health
  • Almonds and Alzheimer’s: The Olfactory System
  • Principles of Public Health
  • Decoding the Epigenome
  • General Practice: Diagnosis
  • From Womb to Tomb: A Clinical Perspective

Voting closes on 10 July. Head over to Create a Subject Challenge to cast your vote.