Spotlight on our student societies

Looking to connect with other BBMED or graduate research students in your Department?

From APSS, PUBS to POSSIM, the student societies in the School of Biomedical Sciences have got you covered. Here's the shortlist.

Department of Anatomy & Physiology

The Anatomy and Physiology Students’ Society: APSS

“The restrictions have been a challenge but it has forced us to think outside the box and develop new, innovative ways to continue engagement in our increasingly virtual world," says Mitchell Ringuet, APSS Co-President.

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Department of Biochemistry & Pharmacology

Pharmacology United with Biochemistry Students: PUBS

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Department of Microbiology & Immunology

Postgraduate Student Society for Infection and Immunity: POSSIM

“We have held a number of virtual events, like games nights...and while it has been difficult to replace in-person events during the pandemic, POSSIM provides support to members where it can,” says current President, Daniel Rawlinson.

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The Biomedicine Student Society

Especially for Bachelor of Biomedicine students!

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How about joining the Melbourne University Biomedical Students’ Orchestra?