APSS: supporting graduate students

The Anatomy and Physiology Students’ Society (APSS) is a new student group for Honours, Masters and PhD students in the Department.

The APSS was established following the launch of the Department of Anatomy & Physiology in the School of Biomedical Sciences earlier this year.

Focused on enriching graduate’s research experience, the APSS coordinates academic, social, and professional events to create new opportunities, facilitate networking and build a strong student culture. The APSS also acts as a representative for the interests of graduate students to both the Department and the University.

“Some highlights of our social calendar include Under the Coverslip, the annual student microscopy competition (currently in its 21st year!), and the end of year student retreat. Both are great opportunities to form new friendships, and learn about research across different areas of the Department,” says Co-President, Mitchell Ringuet.

Image: Mitchell Ringuet and Jasmine Sloan, APSS Co-Presidents

While extended lockdowns and restrictions on social events meant students missed out on a lot of networking opportunities with their peers, the APSS is lucky to have been able to run a number of events.

“The restrictions have been a challenge but it has forced us to think outside the box and develop new, innovative ways to continue engagement in our increasingly virtual world. Under the Coverslip traditionally debuts with a gallery opening, however, in 2020 this was not possible. It led us to the discovery of KunstMatrix – an online gallery exhibition platform which we have now incorporated to Under the Coverslip permanently to deliver the exhibition as a hybrid event to reach a wider audience,” Mitchell says.

Who can join

Honours, Masters and PhD students in the Department of Anatomy and Physiology.

How to join



PUBS Executive Committee
  • Mitchell Ringuet & Jasmine Sloan - Co-Presidents
  • Sudipta Datta - Vice President
  • Kit Ng - Secretary
  • Ben Czapla - Treasurer
  • Other committee positions include Social Media Liaison, Student Support Officer, Communications Officer, and Honours / Masters / HDR Representatives.
Mitchell Ringuet

Mitchell joined the School of Biomedical Sciences in 2013 and is currently doing a PhD under the supervision of Professor John Furness. His research is looking at the physiological relevance of GPCR heterodimers in gastrointestinal motility.

“I feel passionate about creating a sense of community for graduate researchers within the department of Anatomy & Physiology -  both social and professional relationships between students, and between staff and students,” he says.

Jasmine Sloan

Jasmine is a PhD Candidate in the Cardiovascular Neuroscience Lab, headed by Dr. Song Yao. Her work focuses on understanding the brain stem circuits and mechanisms responsible for blood pressure regulation and tracking neural changes in response to hypertension.

"The current era of biomedicine is exciting – the development of powerful, high throughput technologies and cutting-edge techniques has allowed for tremendous advancements of knowledge. The next decades will, optimistically, bring along a plethora of new discoveries and progress in tackling the most prominent medical questions of our time," Jasmine says.

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