Profs Leann Tilley and Paul Gleeson honoured for tremendous contributions

Two School of Biomedical Sciences researchers have been appointed Emeritus Professors in recognition of their many years of service and ongoing leadership at the University of Melbourne.

Professor Leann Tilley has been awarded the title of Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology.

The award recognises her exemplary academic and scholarly achievements and her authoritative reputation among academic and professional colleagues.

She was appointed as Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at University of Melbourne in 2011. In 2015, Professor Tilley was awarded a Laureate Fellowship, the highest award of the Australian Research Council, and she was honoured with the title of Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor the following year.

Professor Tilley has played an outstanding leadership role in promoting women in science, including establishing the Georgina Sweet Awards for Women in Quantitative Biomedical Science. She also established the Biological Optical Microscopy Platform and held build up research infrastructure at the University.

Her ground-breaking work in areas of cell biology and drug development related to malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum continues, with her most recent research leading to the development of a new type of drug candidate to help tackle one of the greatest threats to humans.

Professor Gleeson receives the title of Professor Emeritus in the Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology.

He has been a dedicated servant to the University for more 20 years and the academic community for over 30 years. Professor Gleeson is renowned for his passion for science and academic activities, the care and responsibility he takes for the people he works with and the contribution he has made to fostering a collegial and equitable environment at this University, and beyond, which included roles as Head of Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for 10 years (2006-2016) and deputy head of the new School of Biomedical Sciences (SBS) 2014-2016.

Professor Gleeson has contributed a number of landmark research achievements in the fields of membrane transport and protein trafficking, cellular immunology and glycobiology. He has published 193 papers in referred journals and 12 book chapters.

The molecular cell biologist continues his long-term interests in mechanisms of intracellular membrane transport and the basis of organ-specific autoimmune diseases. His research is currently primarily focused on intracellular trafficking pathways and the sorting of membrane cargo in primary cells, especially membrane trafficking defects associated with enhanced amyloid beta production in Alzheimer’s disease.

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