Congratulations to recent MJ Gething Gender Equity Award recipients

Researchers from the Depts of Physiology and Anatomy and Neuroscience receive newly established grant to support their research profile development. Applications for the award close 30 November.

Joining the pool of recipients of this years MJ Gething Gender Equity Award are Dr Magdalene Montgomery (Dept of Physiology) and Drs Marlene Hao, Kathryn Munro and Agnes Wong (Dept of Anatomy and Neuroscience), School of Biomedical Sciences.

The award will provide additional support to build research profile as these early career researchers manage the primary carer responsibilities of their young families with those of their research career.

Dr Magda Montgomery, Head of the Metabolic Tissue Cross-Talk Laboratory and NHMRC CDF Fellow in the Department of Physiology, has developed a discovery platform assessing liver-secreted proteins in human patients with varying stages of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NALFD). The aim is to identify new therapeutic targets for NAFLD and advanced liver fibrosis.

The MJ Gething Gender Equity Award will support Dr Montgomery to present her work on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease at the Keystone Symposia on Obesity and NAFLD in Canada in 2020.

Co-Head of the Stamp & Hao Laboratory and NHMRC/CJ Martin Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Dept of Anatomy and Neuroscience), Dr Marlene Hao, will use the award to support data collection from preliminary experiments in order to apply for a 2020 ARC Discovery Project grant.

“We are investigating what controls the production of subtypes of neurons in the gut. This knowledge is being used for stem cell therapy to treat diseases of the enteric nervous system” Dr Hao said.

Dr Kathryn Munro, NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellow in the Neuron Development and Plasticity Laboratory (Dept of Anatomy) is undertaking a four year year Dementia Fellowship to investigate how a potential Alzheimer’s disease treatment affects neuronal function, cognition and motor function, focusing on mechanism-based side effects.

“I have a passion for research focusing on memory, neuron function and synapse formation,” says Dr Munro. The award will support Dr Munro in preparations for 2020 grant applications including an NHMRC Ideas grant.

Also from the Department of Anatomy in the Keast and Osborne Laboratory, is Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr Agnes Wong, whose current research project is seeking to understand the functional connection of neural pathways of lower urinary tract.

Our congratulations to all the recipients.

Applications for the MJ Gething Gender Equity Award close on 30 November 2019.