Young laboratory: Development of the enteric nervous system


Research Overview

Within the wall of the gut, there is an extensive nervous system, the enteric nervous system, which plays an essential role in the control of gut motility.

During development, enteric neurons arise from neural crest cells that emigrate from the caudal hindbrain and migrate into and along the developing gut. Enteric neural crest cells are thought to migrate further than any other embryonic cell population.

Our research is focused on the mechanisms controlling the development of the enteric nervous system and the potential of cell therapy for treating diseases of the enteric nervous system.


Dr Lincon Stamp, ARC DECRA Fellow

Dr Marlene Hao, NHMRC CJ Martin Fellow

Ms Annette Bergner, Senior Research Assistant

Mr Michael Que, Honours student

Ms Monica Tanami, Honours student

Young laboratory


Professor Hideki Enomoto, Kobe University, Japan

Professor Pieter Vanden Berghe, KU Leuven, Belgium

Professor Hans Cleves, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Professor John Furness, University of Melbourne

Professor Joel Bornstein, University of Melbourne

Dr Jaime Foong, University of Melbourne

Dr Theo Mantamadiotis, University of Melbourne

Dr Rodney Luwor, University of Melbourne


NHMRC Project Grant APP1079234: "Cell therapies for enteric neuropathies - the essential next step". HM Young, LA Stamp and JC Bornstein.
2015-17 (extended until 31.12.18), $645K,

CASS Foundation Med/Sci Grant 7825: “A gut feeling about therapies for glioma treatment”. MM Hao, R Luwor.
2018, $60k,

ARC Discovery Project DP150103709: "Neural migration: Which cells advance and which stay behind?"  HM Young.
2015-17, $421K,

NHMRC Project Grant APP1063822: "Differentiation and fate in developing sympathetic ganglia". CR Anderson, HM Young. 
2014-16, $340K,

Research Publications

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