Knowledge Week: Pandemic Proofing the Future

Don't miss the panel discussion with leading experts from the Dept of Microbiology & Immunology & Peter Doherty Institute - Mon 26 April

"How could Australia be better prepared to respond to future pandemics? What lessons have we learned? What could we do differently next time? And, how likely are we to face another pandemic in the future?"

All these questions and more will be discussed at the live panel discussion, Pandemic-Proofing the Future, as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week. Hear from our world renowned researchers in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology and Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, including Prof Kanta Subbarao and Professor Deborah Williamson.

About Deborah Williamson

Professor Williamson is Head of the Williamson laboratory: Public Health, AMR, Epidemiology and Microbiology (Department of Microbiology and Immunology) and is a Clinical Microbiologist and Deputy Director of the Microbiological Diagnostic Unit Public Health Laboratory (MDU PHL) - both within the School of Biomedical Sciences. She is also Director of Microbiology at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Professor Williamson is currently involved in the delivery of specialist public health laboratory services, with her research interests including the molecular epidemiology and pathogenesis of infections caused by antimicrobial-resistant pathogens, and the translation of genomic technologies to questions of public health importance.

More recently Deborah pioneered the use of saliva for coronavirus testing, being the first team to demonstrate the value of this test and has recently co-authored a breakthrough COVID-19 pilot study which evaluated the performance of rapid antigen tests for Victoria’s longer term COVID-19 testing strategy.

Event details

Date & time: Monday 26 April, 12.30–1.30pm

Venue: TBA

More info and tickets here.

*The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity is a joint venture between the University of Melbourne and Royal Melbourne Hospital.