Connecting students to our university community

Hear from some of our Academic Advisors and Peer Mentors who are supporting our undergrads to build meaningful social and academic connections.

We want to enrich the experience of our students - and set you up for success.

Our Academic Advising and Peer Mentoring programs aim to enhance your student experience at the University of Melbourne. Meet some of our advisors and mentors below, like second year BBMED student and Peer Mentor, Lamisha, who says, "Ask for help when you need it...there are people available and wanting to help you so don't be afraid to ask."

Academic Advising

Academic Advisers can help you adjust to study and life at the University of Melbourne.

From helping you connect with your School and the broader University community, to sharing ideas, your successes and talking about your goals and challenges - your academic adviser will take an active interest in your progress.

We have almost 50 Academic Advisors in the School of Biomedical Sciences and the first 'virtual' group advising sessions were held earlier in September.

Here are just a couple of our talented academics:

A/Professor Odilia Wijburg

Academic Teaching Specialist, Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Studying hard and working on a career is important, but there is more than that in life, and it is important to keep perspective, to enjoy, to look for opportunities, and to ask for support and direction when needed.

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Dr Graham Mackay

Senior Lecturer & Researcher, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics

I hope to offer my students someone approachable that they know they can ask for help (if they need it) and someone who believes in them and will support and encourage them.

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Peer Mentoring

Melbourne's Peer Mentoring Program will give you the opportunity to connect with other students in the Bachelor of Biomedicine - and to get involved in campus life.

There are currently 70 Peer Mentors in the School of Biomedical Sciences who each support 10 undergraduate students.

Meet some of our Peer Mentors below:


Dan Revesz

Third year BBMED undergraduate

Approach each day with no expectation, and be adaptable – adapt your mindset but also be adaptable to the new challenges that you will be presented with.

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Lamisha Ahnaf

Second year BBMED undergraduate

Ask for help when you need it. Reach out to your family and friends, your professors and tutors and support services. There are people available and wanting to help you so don't be afraid to ask.

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Ryan Munnings

Third year BBMED undergraduate

Go out of your way to make new friends as early as possible.

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