Saed Fahd

Saed completed his Honours year in 2017 which was across the Centre for Stem Cell Systems and the Department of General Practice at The University of Melbourne. His research was specifically investigating the perceived roles of Australian General Practitioners in the management of stem cell-related enquiries.

Since his Honours and during his gap year in 2018, Saed have been fortunate to work with his Honours supervisors A/Prof Megan Munsie and Dr Claire Tanner as a research assistant on a casual basis. This role involves a number of responsibilities including continuation of the Honours project; assisting with data collection and curation of other research projects; and aiding in management of enquiries made to the Centre. This year Saed will commence studying the Doctor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne to pursue my dream of becoming a clinician researchert.

"Since I stepped foot in the Centre at the end of 2016, it has provided me with endless support and opportunities to further my prospects. My supervisors have been very encouraging in extending my reach into research by partaking in numerous Centre-related events, presenting at numerous conferences, taking ownership in working towards publishing our research findings and collaborating with international research teams. These opportunities are notwithstanding the various professional and research skills I have developed and the wonderful and welcoming people I have met during my time here."

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