Oz Single Cell Conference - success!

Single cell scientists from across Australia gathered at The University of Melbourne for the third conference of the Australian Cellular Panomics Consortium (ACPC) to discuss, share and learn about the latest innovations in single cell research and technology.

The University of Melbourne, in partnership with the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. was honoured to host Oz Single Cell 19, the third conference of the Australian Cellular Panomics Consortium, bringing together single cell scientists from across the nation to share their skills and experience in biology, technology, computational sciences and bioinformatics.

The conference, which took place 22-23 July, highlighted some of the most cutting edge single cell research in biology, technology and computational biology, allows opportunities for collaboration and networking, enabling the advancement of biomedical research progress.

Chaired by Dr Shalin Naik (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute), the event was made possible by the organising efforts of Associate Professor Alicia Oshlack (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute), Dr Daniela Zalcenstein (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute), A/Professors Joseph Powell and Alex Swarbrick (Garvan Institute), Professor Christine Wells, Patricia Gigliuto and Helen Braybrook (University of Melbourne), Dr Quan Nguyen (University of Queensland), Professor Ryan Lister (Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research), Professor Jean Yang (The University of Sydney), Professor Alistair Forrest (Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research).