New Users

Welcome to the MCP!

Here's your guide to get started

New Users wishing to access MCP cell sorting services should contact our node or Platform managers (if you know which facility you need to access), or our general email. Do not use this email for training requests. All training requests are to be submitted as below.

Analyser training requests:

Due to the very high volume of cytometer (analyser) training requests, all students and researchers wishing to be inducted must put in their requests via the form below. This will require you to first read "Introduction to Flow Cytometry" and complete the accompanying quiz. Researchers will be invited to attend hands-on training on a first-in-first-served basis as requests are received. Training is offered in groups of up to 3 students at a time and training typically lasts 2-2.5 hours. We try to match new trainees with similar levels of experience within a single training session. Training is charged to group leaders at an hourly rate (based on our Terms and Conditions), and costs are split equally between groups when students from different labs are trained together.

*Researchers who are existing users of our Platform instruments should also use this form to request upskill or additional training after initial induction has been passed. These users do not need to submit the quiz or a second copy of the user agreement form*

  1. Download and read Introduction to Flow Cytometry . You'll need this to complete the cytometry competency quiz.
  2. Download and complete the MCP Cytometry Quiz. This will need to be uploaded in step 5.
  3. Download and read the MCP Terms and Conditions 2022
  4. Complete the User Agreement Form - ensure that it is signed by your supervisor. This will need to be uploaded in step 5.
  5. Complete and submit this form
  6. Request a Calpendo booking system account

Node Access Requirements

MCP cell sorting services and analysers are available for use by all University staff and students and affiliated research institutes and hospitals. For assisted cell sorting services bookings can be made during business hours and there is no need for building or instrument induction. Researchers are escorted to the flow cytometry facilities and are encouraged to view and guide the experimental setup before leaving the lab.

For independent analyser use 24 hours/ 7 days per week, access is granted to University of Melbourne staff and students following instrument training and competency testing and building and OHS training inductions. Outside of buisness hours access may not be available for Honours students and non-University of Melbourne staff or students.

Requirements to access flow cytometers in nodes outside your home building

Melbourne Brain Centre (Kenneth Myer Building)/ Doherty Institute/ Bio21: contact Vanta

Dental School: contact Alexis