Student Awards

Award winners from 2000 - 2013


2nd-year  - Exhibition Prize  

3rd-year -  Dunlop Rubber Prize

Prize Details

Honours  - AB-SCIEX Prize

2000 Wei, W. Wools, C. David Keays, James Vince
2001 Hemmings, G.J., Landy, K.V. Wei, W. Thomas Tavener
2002 Naylor, R.J. Kinkel, S. Michael Hildebrand
2003 Potts, J. O'Day, W. Dejan Bursac
2004 Lau, C. B-Y.; Papapostolou, S. Patrick James
2005 Scull, K. Jin Kee, Jet Phey Lim
2006 Illing, P. Atkinson, S. C. Edmund Wee
2007 Heath, A. K. Illing, Pl Sarah Atkinson, Louis Italiano
2008 Wood, S. J. Agius, C. Jarrod Voss
2009 Dahlgren Allen, S. L. Devlin, J. R. Jacinta Wubben
2010 Boubis, H. L. Raiti, L. Frances Barber, Donald Cameron
2011 Elliman, M. Wood, R. Nicholas Lim
2012 Chenug Tung Shing, K. S. Black, K. A., Ng, H. M. Rebecca Wood
2013 Cope, E. D., Gillete, D. L. Cheung Tung Shing, K. S. Eric Kusnadi
Photo of Nicholas Lim
Nicholas Lim
Photo of attendees at the 2012 Honours AB-SCIEX award ceremony
From left to right: Paul Gleeson, Rebecca Wood, Mark Elliman, Dominic Ng and Frank Rooney, ANZ marketing manager of AB SCIEX

Honours - AB SCIEX Prize - 2012

Awarded to the Honours student with the top mark and this was Nicholas Lim (Supervisor Dominic Ng).

Pictured: Left, Nicholas who was unable to attend the award ceremony,

Rebecca Wood
Rebecca and head of department, Professor Paul Gleeson

Level 3  - Dunlop Rubber Prize - 2012

Awarded to the top student at Level 3

Rebecca Wood

Mark Eliman
Mark and head of department, Professor Paul Gleeson

Level 2  - Exhibition Prize - 2012

Awarded to the student with the highest aggregate for subjects BCMB20002 and BCMB20005.

Mark Elliman