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Research Overview

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The Fogg Lab uses micro-dissection, microscribe digitisation, medical imaging and histology to provide anatomical answers to clinical problems. These answers are visualised using a combination of high-resolution photography and videography, digital modelling, and illustration (digital and ink), enriching research outputs and teaching resources.

The main anatomical areas of interest are human hands and feet, although the Lab regularly applies its suite of techniques to other areas of the body.

Within the hand, the is particularly interested in:

  • the detailed anatomy and dynamics of the radiocarpal, ulnocarpal and intercarpal ligaments
  • the muscular and ligamentous anatomy of the thumb, and, in particular, its surgical reconstruction

Within the foot, the Lab is particularly interested in:

  • the compartmentalisation of the plantar soft tissues
  • the neurovasculature of the plantar region and, in particular, aneural and avascular planar access to deeper structures
  • the detailed anatomy and dynamics of the hallucal sesamoid bones

Additional studies are investigating the detailed anatomy and clinical applications of the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee, as well as laparoscopic anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis.

The Fogg lab also collaborates with artists interested in the human body, the nature of anatomical investigation and the role of body donation in modern society.


Georga Bruechert, PhD Student

Casper Thorpe Lowis, PhD Student


Associate Professor Bradford Moffat, Melbourne Biomedical Imaging Capability

Mr Rob Williams, Melbourne Brain Centre Imaging Unit

Mr Neil Ashwood, University Hospital of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust

Professor Greg Bain, Flinders University

Mr John Crock, Monash University

Dr Radi Ali Al Saffar, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

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Fogg laboratory: Surgical Anatomy

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