June COVID-19 operating update for users of MHP

This is an important update for those using or intending to use the Melbourne Histology Platform during the gradual return to research activity. These policies will be in effect from Monday 1st June 2020 until further notice.


The Platform will be staffed intermittently between the hours of 8:45am–3:15pm on weekdays only; this aligns with the current opening hours of the Medical Building reception.

Service requests (including paraffin processing)

All users must contact MHP staff by email (biomedsci-histology@unimelb.edu.au) in advance before they deliver samples for processing and/or embedding, sectioning, or staining. This includes users who have already been approved for Medical Building access.

Usage of equipment and sample preparation/staining facilities

  • ALL equipment and workstations – including the specimen drop-off/cassetting area, paraffin embedder, sectioning equipment, manual staining area and fumehoods – must now be booked in advance on the Platform’s booking Google calendar. This is to ensure that only an acceptable number of people are in the Platform at one time. Those who have been inducted and trained will already have access to the calendar, all other users must contact MHP staff to obtain these details.
  • As always, users may not use equipment unless they have been trained to do so by MHP staff
  • Users are expected to clean shared equipment before and after use. The cleaning chemicals (spray bottles labelled "Be covid safe, 80% ethanol for cleaning surfaces") are labelled clearly
  • The MHP cryostat located in W722 is not currently in service

User training

All new user inductions and training are currently suspended but will resume asap.

Social distancing and hygiene

Strict social distancing and hand hygiene is being enforced in the Platform in compliance with University policy. Clear instructions are displayed at the entrance to the Platform and can be clarified by staff if required; compliance with these instructions is not optional.

The MHP team thanks you in advance for your patience and cooperation.