Automated immunostaining has arrived at MHP!

After a successful application to the 2019 round of the MDHS Large Equipment Grant Scheme, we are pleased to say that MHP has added automated immunostaining to its list of capabilities with the purchase of a Dako Autostainer Link 48.

Immunostaining/immunohistochemistry is an important and widely used technique for visualising the presence and distribution of molecules/structures of interest in a tissue section. Performing IHC manually is time consuming and can introduce batch-to-batch variability. This is where automated immunostainers can come to the rescue. By computerising the process, slides stained by an autostainer have far higher levels of consistency across batches, making semi-quantitative analysis of the staining (e.g. relative intensity of fluorescence) more accurate and reliable.

The Dako Link 48 can process batches of up to 48 slides at a time and includes an antigen retrieval module. If you are tired of doing your immunostaining manually on the bench or have large numbers of slides to stain, then contact the MHP staff for more information about using the automated immunostainer for your research.