August 2021 coronavirus lockdown operating update

The Victorian Government has announced a lockdown effective 8pm AEST 5th August 2021 in response to an outbreak of the Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Accordingly, there will be some changes to the way in which the Melbourne Histology Platform operates during the lockdown.

As a research platform supporting research that is deemed essential under the University's criteria, the Melbourne Histology Platform will continue to operate through the COVID-19 lockdown that becomes effective 8pm AEST 5th August 2021. University of Melbourne researchers that are eligible to attend campus to continue their research in accordance with the University's eligibility criteria will be able to continue to access the Platform during lockdown. No other researchers will be able to access the Platform during the lockdown period.

All public health measures, including the wearing of a fitted face mask covering the nose and mouth, must be adhered to at all times when using the Platform.

Eligible researchers who request histological services during the lockdown should contact MHP staff before attempting to deliver samples to the Platform.