The Bachelor of Biomedicine just got even better

The Bachelor of Biomedicine is ideal preparation for a career in medicine and professional health. The integrated curriculum emphasises the relationship between the biomedical science disciplines that underpin modern clinical practice and prepares you for the challenges of contemporary health delivery and research.

While doing the Bachelor of Biomedicine has never been a compulsory or privileged path to the Doctor of Medicine (MD), it’s a good strategy – especially when you’re following your passion. The recently announced changes to the MD curriculum* make this strategy more salient by providing you with a firm foundation in biomedical sciences.

The MD redesign, set for launch in 2022, allows you to build your own unique medical degree. Practical time in clinics and research options will start in the first year. The core units will be available online, allowing flexibility. And discovery subjects offer a chance to explore a wide range of topics or deep dive into a future specialty – the choice to learn extra skills and even take part in a joint degree.

The Melbourne Medical School (MMS) aims to recognise prior knowledge for core content. So, if you’ve studied the Bachelor of Biomedicine this frees you up so that you’ll have more time to explore the clinical, research and discovery tracks and create your own distinct path. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the innovative MD curriculum by jumping higher and faster.

The MMS is also removing prerequisite subjects for 2022 as a selection criteria for entry into the Doctor of Medicine**. This further diversifies the MD cohort to reflect the multiplicity of doctors required in society. It removes any disadvantage students may have in accessing science and health subjects in their previous degrees, especially in rural areas. Most medical degrees at Australian universities do not require prerequisite subjects as an entry requirement, allowing students to study the undergraduate degree that suits them best. The new Melbourne MD entry requirements will still involve MMI, GPA and GAMSAT components. The Bachelor of Biomedicine offers a proven foundation to address these requirements.

In case you’re wondering about other graduate courses at Australia’s leading health and medical faculty

The Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) and Doctor of Optometry (OD) have not changed their entry requirements.

*Subject to ongoing consultation and regulatory approval
**Approved by Academic Board  05-12-2019