Student panel discuss online learning with VC and Leadership team

A panel of six student representatives, including second year Biomedicine student Ben Gordijn from the School of Biomedical Sciences, provide valuable insights and feedback at the Melbourne University Leadership Conference.

Together the students discussed online learning at the University – what they enjoyed, what aspects needed more focus and the key areas for improvement. From customization of online lectures, the importance of discussing and questioning concepts, enhancement of support services like Stop 1 to ease the administrative load on students - and compulsory first aid mental health training for staff.

“I really enjoyed the experience - the panel definitely made an impact. It would be great to attend next year to re-visit the discussion and see what the University Leadership team has done with our suggestions.”

About Ben

Ben is a second year Biomedicine student with a keen interest in music, something he is pursuing through breadth subjects. He is a technophile and when he isn’t studying Biomed, he works as a Technology and Innovation Intern at an entrepreneurial advisory firm where he researches, builds and implements new technology to increase efficiency and productivity in Accounting.

“I enjoy learning how things work and problem solving. I believe our learning shouldn’t end once all the content of our modules, subjects and degrees have been delivered. Learning should extend making new connections and discoveries that haven’t been know before, and finding creative, novel and unique solutions to problems that we don’t even know about yet.”

Ben had initially wanted to be a mechatronics/bio-neurological engineer and find a way to build prosthetics that move with the mind. But that all changed after he was faced with a medical mis-diagnosis in 2018.

“The experience sent me down a different path – and I chose to study Biomedicine. Now I want to look for a way to help people on an individual basis, as a doctor,” he says.

“I still have a keen interest in technology, so I’m hoping I can apply it to medicine, maybe using technology to find creative solutions to medical issues.”