Stem Cells Australia launch new website to help make sense of stem cell science

Stem cells, and their potential to transform healthcare, has captured public attention. However, it can be challenging for patients, health professionals, and interested members of the broader community to find out how, or if, stem cells can help them or someone they care for.

This new website has been designed to address this information gap and provide clear and reliable facts – verified by leading experts – about research, clinical trials, future treatments and where to go to find out more.

With an easily accessible interface and links to further resources, the website tackles big questions like “Can stem cells help me?”, “What questions should I ask my doctor?” and “How are new treatments developed?”. You can also search for information on a wide range of conditions – such as autism, diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease and spinal cord injury – or contact the Stem Cells Australia team to ask a question if you can’t find the answers on the website.

For those who are keen to delve deeper into how researchers use stem cells, you can watch a series of bite-size videos where Australian scientists talk about their work, their aspirations and the techniques they use.

This website is supported by the University of Melbourne and is a legacy of the Stem Cells Australia Special Research Initiative in Stem Cell Science funded by the Australian Government (2011-2019). The team behind the website is led by Professor Megan Munsie and includes University of Melbourne experts in science, medical education, health law, communication and information technologies, together with patient advocates including Dr Christine Walker, Robert Pask, Andrew Giles and Mario D’Cruz.

Developed in partnership with key national community groups, the new site provides useful resources to help anyone interested gain a deeper understanding of this exciting area of medical research.

Curious about stem cells? Check out the website now!