Bachelor of Biomedicine student appears on ABC

Esperance Fyfe, Bachelor of Biomedicine student, appeared on the ABC to discuss what it's like moving regionally to study.

Esperance hopes to become a doctor, before moving back to her home town of Mildura to work.

"It was so difficult to leave my friends and family at home, especially my parents and my little siblings," she said.

"Everyone says you meet your lifelong friends at uni and college so I'm really hoping to do that and also really kickstart my future in that I can get a good job here. But I do hope to go back regional as well because there's a high demand for regional doctors so I really want to give back to the regional community.

"At the moment I get homesick, it just comes with moving away but I tend to call my friends and my family every second night because I just feel like making friends and keeping yourself busy is a way that I can really get rid of that homesickness feeling. It's always going to be there but just make it a little bit light on."

Esperance is one of the thousands of students moving regionally to study each year. She appears in this video with Thabisa Whittington, who moved from overseas.