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Our congratulations to Daniel Hoyer, Alastair Stewart and David Williams for their paper with Impact


The work of Professors Daniel Hoyer, Alastair Stewart and Dr David Williams of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics was showcased in a recent edition of the online open assess journal Impact.

The article discusses the activities of the  key research groups within the Department including the Lung Health Research Centre (LHRC), the Therapeutic Technologies Research Initiative (TTRI) and the Australian Venom Research Unit (AVRU).  BioCurate PTY Ltd, a joint initiative together with Monash University, to promote all aspects of drug development in Melbourne and Australia, is also featured.

Impact is based in the United Kingdom and its purpose is to provide high-quality, open access and free to access science reports designed to enable the dissemination of research impact to key stakeholders. The publication features content from the world’s leading research agencies, policy groups, universities and research projects.

The original document, as it appeared in Impact, is available as a PDF.