Professor Leann Tilley talks parity for women

An esteemed panel of leading academics from across the University explore how to shape a gender-equal world.

The race is on for the gender-equal boardroom, gender-equal media coverage, gender-equal workplaces, and more gender equality in health and wealth.

Professor Leann Tilley (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) joined a panel of leading academics and professional staff on Monday 13 March to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The lively discussion focused on challenges and opportunities in achieving parity and seniority for women, whether we’re moving fast enough, and the role of allies in shaping a gender-equal world.

“Diversity of inputs is important to research in solving problems,” said Professor Tilley, who’s research group is currently investigating cell biology, drug development and resistance related to the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum. “There is also a lack of voice from culturally diverse backgrounds,” she added.

In 2016, Professor Tilley established the Georgina Sweet Awards for Women in Quantitative Biomedical Science as part of her Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship.

The top scientist embraces a large range of technologies to further her understanding of biological questions, from drug and protein chemistry, to molecular cell biology, to novel imaging technologies.

Professor Tilley was joined by:

  • Genevieve Curtain, Director Human Resources, Faculty of Business and Economics;
  • Lyn McColl, Executive Director, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences;
  • Dr Lauren Rosewarne, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, Faculty of Arts;
  • Dr Victor Sojo, Lecturer in Leadership, Research Fellow in the Centre for Workplace Leadership, Faculty of Business and Economics; and
  • Moderator Professor Elisabetta Barberio, of the School of Physics and Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter.