Prof David Williams invited to join the National Committee for Biomedical Sciences

Professor David Williams (Dept. Physiology) will become a member of the Australian Academy of Science's National Committee for Biomedical Sciences (NCBMS).

The NCBMS aims to foster the biomedical sciences in Australia and connect Australian biomedical scientists to the global science community. The NCMBS works closely with national scientific organisations and international unions, committees and programs, such as the International Science Council, to support the Australian biomedical sciences community.

The aims of the NCBMS are:

  1. To connect the Academy to science and scientists in Australia;
  2. To link the Academy to Australian scientific societies in order to work together to promote the development of the discipline;
  3. To link Australian science in the disciplines to world science, in particular through the membership of appropriate international organisations;
  4. To ensure that Australia has a voice and a role in the global development of the disciplines; and
  5. To provide strategic science policy advice, to the Academy, as input to Academy science policy statements, and (with the approval of the Executive Committee of the Academy) to the Australian Government and Australian organisations.

Professor Williams has been appointed as a member of the National Committee until 2021. Congratulations to Professor Williams for the fantastic achievement!