PODCAST: 5 Things About... Type 2 Diabetes

Listen to Professor Matthew Watt discuss a recent discovery that could lead to the development of  more effective diabetes drugs.

Type 2 diabetes affects 1.2 million Australian adults and 400 million people globally. But those figures are rising – fast – and there’s an urgent need to develop new approaches to treat people with this disease.

Professor Watt was recently interviewed by Dr Andi Horvath for the University of Melbourne’s ‘5 Things About…’ podcast series to discuss a new discovery regarding type 2 diabetes treatment. Matthew Watt and his team have stumbled across a key liver protein that reduces blood glucose levels. This finding could lead to more effective diabetes drugs and a reengineering of this protein would be an improvement of current treatments.

Professor Matthew Watt is the head of the Department of Physiology within the School of Biomedical Sciences. Professor Watt also leads the Watt Laboratory, which is an innovative research program that seeks to identify how defects of lipid metabolism and inter-tissue communication cause obesity-related disorders, and to use this information to discover novel targets that can be transitioned to clinical therapeutics.

To hear more about Professor Watt and his team’s new discovery, listen to the podcast by clicking the button below.

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