Meet our Indonesian students

Biomedicine students Patrick and Vina have gone global, thanks to their advice and insights shared in this video about studying at the University of Melbourne.

Vina Quinnarva and Patrick Nugraha are students from Indonesia, who moved to Australia to study the Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne.

Now in their second year, they have spoken out in this video, describing:

  • Why they chose to study here;
  • What they enjoy about living in Melbourne; and
  • Their advice for new students.

Both Patrick and Vina are enjoying the Biomedine degree, as well as the experience of living and studying in Melbourne as a multicultural city.

“As an international student, it may be daunting coming to a new city,” says Patrick. “But Melbourne has overall been a nice experience. I’ve met a lot of people here.”

Vina and Patrick decided to study Biomedicine at Melbourne because they felt it would best prepare them for the Doctor of Medicine, which they would both like to apply for in the future.

In 2017, Vina also spent seven months in the Trinity College Foundation Studies program, which helped with the transitions from high school to university and Indonesia to Australia.

“It can be hard at first,” she explains, “but then you meet a lot of supportive people … helping me study and helping me get settled into Melbourne.”

Since starting the degree, Vina finds volunteering opportunities like the University’s Teddy Bear Hospital to be a highlight. Patrick enjoys meeting like-minded students, and has also found the teaching staff to be very supportive.

In 2018, there were approximately 566 Indonesian students studying at the University of Melbourne, with 11 enrolled in the Bachelor of Biomedicine.

The video has already been viewed more than 16,000 times all around the world.

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