Medicine and Biomedicine Students - At Home Concert

Watch this At Home Concert recently put together by the Biomedicine Students’ Orchestra (MUBSO) and the Medical Students’ Society Orchestra (UMMSSO)!

As 2020 heralded the new decade, MUBSO and UMMSSO intended to mark the occasion with their first ever collaboration concert, where they would join forces (and brass sections) to achieve their common goals of making music for charity, and to benefit the community.

However this was not to be, as they were unfortunately forced to postpone this concert, just like many other plans and events in communities across the globe. The cancellation of their concerts and events for this year did however, provide them with the opportunity to do something different, and arguably even more impactful; to share their passion for music with an even larger audience via an online concert, and to help lift everyone’s spirits. And in these troubling times, it is now more than ever that we need that little something to lift our spirits.

Many thanks go to their talented conductor, Nicholas Bochner, for conducting his own interpretation of the work and making this concert possible, and of course to all the wonderful players who contributed their time and musical talent to help bring the music together.

“On behalf of the MUBSO and UMMSSO family, we hope that you enjoy our music, and sincerely thank you for listening to us; for what is the joy in music if it is not able to be shared! We hope that we’ve lifted your spirits, and we look forward to seeing you soon at a future concert!”

Watch the wonderful performance by clicking the button below:

Watch here