Grin and bare it for science


Associate Professor Jenny Hayes has been using an Innovative approach to teaching anatomy which has proven to be a better learning tool than traditional textbooks. Medical students volunteers clad in nude underwear become living canvases for their colleagues who adorn them with stylised artwork depicting various internal organ systems. This assists in learning the correct internal placement of organs etc with reference to the surface anatomy and an indication of their approximate size. The kinaesthetic and interactive components of body painting in the MD anatomy workshops make it a better learning experience than traditional text books.

As part of the current advertising campaign ('Discover what you're made of') for the Faculty, five medical students volunteered to undergo the process of becoming anatomical artworks so that the images could be used in publicity material. In some cases the artwork took six hours to complete. It is hoped that the campaign will entice new students into our Faculty to study medicine, dentistry, nursing, physiotherapy and optometry.

In the absence of any visible goosebumps, it must be surmised that the photo shoot took place in warmer weather than it is now…

The Herald Sun recently featured an article, “Grin and bare it for science”, which featured the advertising campaign and the innovative approach to teaching anatomy.