Exams and study tips – Watch the Facebook LIVE!

With exams just around the corner, representatives from the Biomedicine Students’ Society (BSS) share their study and exam preparation tips in our latest Facebook LIVE.

Exams are an inevitable part of student life. Yet, whether you look forward to them or not, your first university exams can seem overwhelming.

In this Facebook Live, BSS Social Officer Ronan Petersen and second year representatives Christos Preovolos and Feyla Anja share their advice for managing study, surviving SWOTVAC and navigating exam day.

For Feyla, successful studying is down to early preparation and planning.

“Have an exam attack plan,” she advises. “Figure out what you’re going to study on which days.”

Ronan emphasises that when it comes to study, quality is better than quantity. He suggests using active rather than passive study strategies, and studying in 1–2 hour bursts with breaks in between.

“Fit it in with the other activities in your life,” he says. This could include exercising, or making time to keep up with your hobbies.

All three students also agree on the importance of maintaining a work-life balance while studying, particularly during SWOTVAC and the exam period.

“In order to actually do an exam well, you have to be in a good state of mind as well as prepared academically,” Christos says.

The students also recommend joining study groups, which the BSS organise each year through their Facebook page. The groups encourage independent, collaborative study, where members can help each other to fill gaps in their knowledge.

Christos’s key advice for first year students going into their first university exams is to take due responsibility and diligence. Arriving late for his first exam, due to traffic and confusion over the venue, was a turning point for him in the transition from high school to university.

“I realised then that the brunt of the load is on you now. You’re not going to be forced into anything, you have to be diligent.”

Feyla recommends listening to music before an exam, which she says helps take her mind off things.

“You want to get yourself in a position where you can tackle the exam effectively – not be stressed out,” she says.

Watch the Facebook LIVE

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The 2019 Semester 1 exam period runs from Tuesday 11 to Friday 28 June.

For more information on exam preparation, including what to bring and what happens on the day, visit the University’s exam page.