Dr Kate Murphy receives first MJ Gething Gender Equity Award

Congratulations to Dr Murphy, of the Department of Physiology, who is the first recipient of the prestigious new grant for early-career researchers.

Dr Kate Murphy is the proud first MJ Gething Gender Equity Award recipient.

The researcher from our Centre for Muscle Research has led a long-term study on the therapeutic potential of Mas receptor (MasR) activation for cancer and other serious muscle wasting conditions.

“This award will help build my research profile whilst having significant caring responsibilities for young children and ill family members,” she says.

Professor Emeritus Mary-Jane Gething was the first female Head of Biochemistry at the University of Melbourne. Together with her late husband, Professor Joseph Sambrook, they created the Gething-Sambrook Family Trust.

Last year, the trust made a donation to the School of Biomedical Sciences that has enabled the creation of the MJ Gething Gender Equity Award.

In a move to level the playing field between researchers with and without caring responsibilities, the Award provides grants of up to $5,000 each year.

It supports early career researchers to build their profile and maintain research progression while also caring for immediate family members.

For information about the Award and MJ Gething