Dr Jaime Foong awarded Melbourne Research Fellowship

The fellowship program enables University of Melbourne research staff to re-establish their academic careers after substantial interruptions.

The Melbourne Research Fellowship (Career Interruptions) scheme was established to support researchers whose careers have been significantly interrupted, delayed or constrained by illness or caring responsibilities.

To do so, the program provides Fellows with an intensive period to focus on and rebuild their research, often by funding replacements for other duties such as teaching and administration.

Dr Jaime Foong, a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Physiology, secured the Fellowship in October. Her main research interests include the neuronal circuitry that controls gastrointestinal functions and the mechanisms underlying the development of neuronal circuitry.

Dr Foong currently leads a research project examining the role of microbiota in the developing Enteric Nervous System, in the enteric neuroscience laboratory.

Find out more about the Melbourne Research Fellowship (Career Interruptions) here.

Hear Dr Foong talk about her work and inspirations: