DNA mutations, translation unrest and toxicity

PhD student Chez Kriachkov takes first prize in the Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology’s Three Minute Thesis competition.

The annual competition saw entries from 14 Graduate Researchers across Biochemistry and Pharmacology. The students, in the second year of their PhD program, had to communicate their research project in under three minutes aimed at the general public.

Chez (Viacheslav) Kriachkov, a PhD student in Professor Danny Hatter’s research group in the Bio21 Institute, was the winner for his creative presentation on toxic ALS proteins. Chez engaged several members of his lab to produce his three minute movie.

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Congratulations to all the winning entries including Bangyan Xu, Alex Anderson and Cameron Oppy.


The Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology's Three Minute Thesis competition is designed to develop critical communication skills in students so that they can communicate their research to a general audience.

"Students often use other personal skills and interests in their presentations and past entries have included cooking, singing, dancing, theatre, sewing, animations and real life acting", says  Associate Professor Isabelle Rouiller, organiser of the competition and Graduate Research Training Coordinator in the Department of Biochemistry & Pharmacology.