Department of Physiology researchers achieve great success in grant funding outcomes for 2017

The Department of Physiology, in association with its collaborators, has again enjoyed success in obtaining competitive project grant funding from the NHMRC, ARC, DART, Cancer Council of Victoria and NIH.



Dr James Ryall (CI-A), Professor Gordon Lynch (CI-B). A simple method to improve stem cell transplant therapy.

Professor Gordon Lynch (CI-A), Professor Gregory Steinberg (CI-B, McMaster Univ). Therapeutic potential of skeletal muscle plasticity and slow muscle programming for muscular dystrophy.

Professor Lea Delbridge (CI-A), Dr James Bell (CI-B), Prof. Jonathan Kalman (CI-C, RMH), Professor Stephen Harrap (CI-D) Dr Jeff Erickson (CI-E, Univ. Otago). New CaMKII therapeutic targets in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.

Professor Clive May (CI-A, FNI), Dr Song Yao (CI-B, FNI), Professor Andrew Allen (CI-C). The brain as a therapeutic target for heart failure.

Professor Stephen Harrap (CI-A), Professor Fadi Charchar (CI-B, Fed Uni), Dr Sean Byars (CI-C), Professor Nilesh Samani (CI-C, Leicester Uni). New strategies for preventing hypertension.

Cancer Council of Victoria

Dr Kate Murphy (CI-A), Professor John Silke (CI-B; WEHI), Professor Gordon Lynch (CI-C), Professor Lea Delbridge (CI-D). Using novel Fn14 inhibitory antibodies to treat cardiac cachexia in cancer ($263,000 over 3 years).

Diabetes Australia Research Grant

Professor Mary Wlodek (CI-A), Dr Glenn Wadley (CI-B; Deakin), Dr Jessica Griffith (CI-C). Exercise in males born small to prevent the programmed pancreatic deficits and metabolic dysfunction in the next generation.


Professor Andrew Allen, Professor Ivan Dmochowski  (U.Penn, USA), Professor James Eberwine (U.Penn, USA), Dr Song Yao (FNI). How does the brain regulate blood pressure?

Professor Mathias Dutschmann (FNI), Dr Stuart McDougall (FNI), Professor Andrew Allen. Learning to breath: emerging inhibition of sensory relay mechanisms.


Professor William Farquhar (U. Delaware, USA), Professor Sean Stocker (Penn State College, USA), Professor Andrew Allen (co-PI). Adverse neurogenic actions of dietary salt.

Professor Joel Bornstein has been part of a successful 5-site consortium led by Professor Marthe Howard and colleagues (University of Toledo). Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions (SPARC) award.