And we are live…

In the Lab with… the 5 part video mini-documentaries launched by the Department of Anatomy and Physiology.

Pursuing a career as a biomedical scientist requires curiosity, innovation, cutting-edge technology, the world’s best teachers and being surrounded by researchers at the top of their field. Put simply, you must think big!

Developed for current or prospective students interested in advancing human health, the series showcases the scientific muscle to help you reach your destination. In a series of five micro-documentaries, we take you inside the Department. In the lab with is an opportunity to go behind the scenes with our researchers, teachers, students, alumni and collaborators, and to learn from their journey in biomedicine.

In recognition and celebration of the Faculty’s vision identifying students being at the heart of everything we do, this series has been created to showcase opportunities and talent with a flavor and style to appeal to a student’s curiosity. The brief from the Department of Anatomy and Physiology to the SBS Marketing & Communications team was interpreted as an opportunity to develop an engaging and fresh approach to Biomedicine at Melbourne highlighting cutting edge research, teaching, location and a culture suitable for viewing by students and potential collaborators both local and international. Key to creating this was developing the series through a lens incorporating the MDHS pillars.

Along the way a Student focus group was held with a group of students invited to view an initial draft video. Those Students present indicated the graphics, music and content to be engaging and particularly enjoyed the inclusion of insights into life/balance outside research – feedback taken onboard as the further ‘episodes’ were developed.

If we had to choose one word that encompassed the series and was evident across the themes, the briefing, the ‘talent’, the feedback and the process there seems no better word than …. Curiosity.

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As with any project of this kind the number of people involved has been large and diverse, thanks to the following for their time and enthusiasm for the project:

Creation and Production
  • Matt Watt, Denise Dwyer, Michelle Kelso, Harriet Edmund, Amber Rose, Emilia Weeden, Paul Burston
  • DAP: Charlotte Clark, Garron Dodd, Erica Fletcher, Jason Ivanusic, Stuart Mazzone, Alice Pebay, Michelle Rank, Kelly Smith, and related Lab staff
  • DAP RHD: Will De Nardo (Post-doctoral Research Fellow), Jenna Hall (PhD Candidate), Alexa Pruik (Medical Student and PhD Candidate)
  • DAP Alumni: Grace Burke (Robotic Surgery Evolution), Nicki Cranna (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research), Rob Hatch (The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health),  Amanda Lee (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre)