Dr Charlotte Clark appointed as MDHS FlexAP Education Innovation Fellow

The recent appointment recognises Charlotte's work in pedagogy and curriculum innovation.

As a teaching specialist in the Department of Anatomy and Physiology, Dr Charlotte Clark focused on creating engaging eLearning resources which expose students to the content and skill required to succeed in their studies.

"I then design active learning workshops where students work in groups to solve problems that helps consolidate their learning and further develop the skills required."

And as Charlotte says, learning is a journey that never ends.

For every question you ask you will always find more questions...I used to think that learning meant finding out the answers to a question and then remembering that. But learning is so much more than that. In many cases there is no single answer to a question and there is always more to learn.

Dr Clark's recent appointment to Flexible Academic Planning (FlexAP) Education Innovation Fellow in the MDHS recognises her learning and teaching expertise and leadership in pedagogy. The role will see her promoting intra-faculty FlexAP initiatives, delivering faculty-level workshops and seminars and supporting the design and implementation of evaluation activities of FlexAP projects.

Please join us in congratulating Charlotte and welcoming her to her new role.

What is the Flexible Academic Programming (FlexAP) Project?

The FlexAP project began in mid-2015 and has been a significant whole-of-University endeavour to consider the challenges in designing and delivering the highest quality teaching and learning experiences for students and staff in the 21st century. The FlexAP project aims to enhance the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, and the broader student experience at the University, provide more flexible study options and make more effective use of the University’s infrastructure and resources.

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