🎥 WATCH: In conversation with Dr Bronwyn King AO

Earlier in the year, the oncologist and anti-tobacco campaigner joined us for an on-campus alumni event as part of the celebrations for the School of Biomedical Sciences’ five-year anniversary.

Dr Bronwyn King is determined to see a world free from tobacco.

Through her work as a radiation oncologist, Dr King witnessed hundreds of patients dying from tobacco-related disease. When she discovered that her industry super fund was investing her superannuation in tobacco, she vowed to do something about it.

Dr King founded Tobacco-Free Portfolios in 2010. Since then, she has been working to ensure that tobacco-free investment is the standard across the Australian superannuation industry and has already diverted $1.3 trillion away from tobacco companies.

In 2019, Dr King was named Melburnian of the Year and received the Order of Australia (AO) for distinguished service to community health.

Back in February 2020, Dr King sat down with ABC presenter Angela Lavoipierre to tell the story of what set her on this incredible journey, the impact she is having on a global scale and how her career all started here at the university.

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