🔊 Eavesdrop on Experts: Molecules in motion with Prof Eva Nogales (UC Berkeley, USA)

Professor Eva Nogales, 2019 Grimwade Medallist, explains how she uses the cryo-EM technique to study our cells' microtubules and improve disease management.

Professor Nogales started her career in a time where barely any women were seen in science departments. In college, she skipped biology to focus on physics, relying on her high-school knowledge of the former to shape her career as a biophysicist.

Now, she's using her understanding of the microtubules in our cells for improving disease management, including slowing the uncontrollable growth of cancer.

This niche understanding of our cell behaviour at the molecular level is already improving the lives of human everywhere, and the technique used by Professor Nogales called "cryo-EM" is taking the world of structural biology by storm.

She recently visited the University of Melbourne to receive the 2019 Grimwade Medal, and to deliver the oration titled: Visualising the molecular dance at the heart of gene expression.

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