$15 million boost to research funding

T-cell research in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at forefront in latest NHMRC funding round.

Congratulations to our researchers in the School of Biomedical Sciences who have secured NHMRC 2021 Investigator Grants.

Investigator Grants focus on innovative and creative research, supporting different career stages and allowing flexibility for researchers to  follow new research directions as they arise and to form collaborations as needed.

The University of Melbourne received over $80m in Investigator Grant funding, with the NHMRC approving 254 projects from the University, from a total of 1,722 applications.

12 applications from across the School of Biomedical Sciences were successful with research focused on T cells, respiratory viruses and vaccines.

Dr Raissa Fonseca

Engineering T cells to promote peripheral immunity

A/Prof Linda Wakim

Generating An Effective T-Cell Based Influenza Vaccine

Dr Sophie Valkenburg

Harnessing immunity for optimal SARS-CoV-2 and influenza vaccines

Dr Amy Chung

Serological Correlates of Protection and Pathogenesis in Infectious and Autoimmune Disease

Prof Sammy Bedoui

Understanding how DC-T cell interactions regulate human disease

Prof James McCluskey

Immunity mediated by MHC class I-related protein (MR1)

Prof Dale Godfrey

Unconventional T cells: Fundamental biology and therapeutic potential

Dr Jennifer Juno

Harnessing T cell immunity to boost vaccine efficacy

Dr Laura Cook

Harnessing CD4+ Regulatory T Cells to Enhance Formation of Protective Immunity Against Human Viruses

Dr Hyon Xhi Tan

Driving rational improvement of vaccines against respiratory viruses

Dr Benjamin Parker

Targeting skeletal muscle for the treatment of insulin resistance

Dr David Stroud

Developing a multi-omics platform for the diagnosis of mitochondrial disease

NHMRC Investigator Grants