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  • Comprehensive metabolic phenotyping equipment

    Metabolic cage system

    Promethion 16 cage system, Sable, Nevada, USA

    • Simultaneously measures physical activity (with or without wheel), food/water intake and indirect gas exchange calorimetry. Non-invasive recording of O² consumption and CO² production in individual mice allows calculation of the respiratory exchange ratio (RER) and energy expenditure.

    Minispec MRI scanner

    LF50H Minispec, Bruker, Germany

    • Fat and lean mass measured non-invasively in awake mice using time delay nuclear magnetic resonance (TD-NMR) spectroscopy
  • Functional testing equipment

    Anaesthesia delivery system

    SomnoSuite vapouriser, Kent Scientific, Connecticut, USA

    • Uses room air to deliver isoflurane at a low flow rate in proportion to the animal's size

    Electrocardiogram (ECG) recorder

    ECGenie, Massachusetts, USA

    • Heart electrical function in conscious mice

    Glucose monitors (hand-held)

    Accu chek glucometer, Roche, Basel, Switzerland

    • Glucose and insulin tolerance tests

    Laser Doppler

    MoorLDI, Devon, UK

    • Hind limb circulation including quantification of blood flow during restriction and recovery

    Oxygen bomb calorimeter

    CAL3K-U, DDS Calorimeters, Gauteng, South Africa

    • Caloric content of specialty diets and faecal samples
  • Muscle and exercise studies equipment

    Acceleration/velocity race track

    Acceleration/Velocity Race Track, Columbus Instruments, Ohio, USA

    • 2.5 m enclosed track with 24 photobeam “curtains” to assess speed

    Gait analysis instrumentation

    DigiGait, Mouse Specifics, Massachusetts, USA

    • Performs gait analysis using ventral plane videography

    Grip strength meter

    GT3 Grip Strength Test, Bioseb, Vitrolles, France

    • Foreleg muscular strength

    Rota-rod motor coordination

    LE8205 Accelerating Rotarod, PanLab, Harvard Apparatus, USA

    • To measure motor coordination, balance and fatigue

    Spontaneous running wheel

    0297-16, Columbus Instruments, Ohio, USA

    • 16 home cages with wheels and tracking software for exercise vs. sedentary studies


    Exer 3/6 treadmill with incline, Columbus Instruments, Ohio, USA

    • Exercise training with 6 lanes, adjustable speed and optional incline


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