Systems and Synthetic Biology

This theme explores how cells work as part of more complex biological systems. Combining this with our understanding of stem cell biology provides the potential to develop cell types with new or improved functions.


Stem Cell Systems - Professor Christine Wells

Research focus: using computational and systems biology approaches to understand the tissue macrophage and stem cells.

Computational Biostatistics Methods - A/Professor Kim-Anh Le Cao

Research focus: mathematical and statistical modelling of diverse and large biological datasets to gain new insights into the molecular mechanisms regulating biological processes.


Human Evolution, Genomics and Stem Cells - Dr Irene Gallego Romero

Research focus: exploring the ways in which natural selection and evolutionary change have shaped the human species, with a particular focus on gene regulatory processes.

Synthetic Biology Approaches to designer-stem-cell-based therapy - Dr Vijay Rajagopal

Research focus: experimental and computational approaches to apply engineering design and analysis principles to study existing biological cellular systems and to create new cellular systems with user-defined properties and functions.

Single Cell Systems Biology - Dr Shalin Naik

Research focus: studying how the cells of the immune system are formed from blood stem cells.


Cancer and Haematology - Dr Samir Taoudi

Research focus: deciphering the processes of blood stem cell formation. The ability to sustain blood production throughout our lifetime is critical for our health. Many diseases result from failures of normal blood cell formation